Capturing Mallorcan Bliss - A Conversation with Åsa Ingrosso

Capturing Mallorcan Bliss - A Conversation with Åsa Ingrosso


Åsa is one of those people that does it all. She seems to have figured it out somehow. She runs the always busy restaurants, La Perla and OMINO in Palma, 4 other restaurants in Stockholm and you often see her in magazines and around the internet, and yet she is also an amazing source of interior design inspiration for those looking to combine a pinch of Sweden with a grain of Mallorca which brings a distinctive touch to each project she is involved in.

"Mallorca is my absolute paradise. I love every inch of this island."

Åsa's Creative Roots: From a tender age, Åsa's passion for crafting interiors and art has been an unyielding force. For her, creativity is an innate calling, an energy that comes from within, shaping her life's narrative with every artistic endeavor. Revitalizing Spaces - Åsa's Latest Project in Mallorca: Sharing glimpses of her recent venture in Mallorca, Åsa reveals the joy of refreshing her home with new colors and furnishings. Her philosophy revolves around periodic transformations, ensuring a constant source of inspiration and preventing an inspirational dry spell.

"One might think that pink sheets would be very 'girly.' But everyone who has seen them praises them. Men and women alike"

Gemstone Pink Magic - A Bedding Revelation: Expressing her love for Juniper's Gemstone Pink bedding, Åsa dispels the notion of pink being exclusively feminine. Instead, she praises the sheets for their inviting and sophisticated aura, transforming the bedroom into a sanctuary of softness and elegance.

Åsa and Emilios bedding with Gemstone Pink bed linens from Juniper.

Infusing Hotel Luxury into Everyday Living - Åsa's Design Tips: Åsa's design ethos centers on bringing the luxurious ambiance of boutique hotels to everyday spaces. For those not well-versed in interior intricacies, she imparts three invaluable tips when it comes to your bedroom:

1. Precise bed-making

2. The prominence of a large rug beneath the bed

3. And the often-overlooked importance of subdued, ambient lighting.

    Southern European Hues and Textures - A Palette of Warmth: Delving into the color palette typical of Southern European influence, Åsa highlights the prevalence of whites with a touch of bohemian chic. However, she advocates for richer, more subdued tones, embracing warm terracottas, light blues, soft greens, and sun-kissed yellows. In the realm of textiles, linens, cotton, and natural materials find their place, adorned with botanical motifs or geometric patterns.

    Two Worlds, Two Styles - Living in Mallorca vs. Stockholm: She splits her time between Mallorca and Stockholm and finds the two worlds distinctly different. While Mallorca exudes a softer, laid-back lifestyle reflected in its gentle interiors, Stockholm leans towards a black-and-white theme reminiscent of Chanel and Parisian style, emphasizing the hustle and bustle of daily life.

    Southern European Design Essentials - Details Not to Be Missed:
    Closing the discussion, Åsa shares indispensable elements for designing a Southern European-inspired bedroom;

    From ceramic pots in natural hues to rich, woven textiles, rustic wood details, and mosaic or patterned floor tiles, these elements weave a tapestry of authenticity and allure, creating a perfect Southern European haven.

    As Åsa Ingrosso continues to redefine the boundaries of design, her insights offer a glimpse into the delicate artistry of transforming spaces into living dreams.

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