Sleep guide - How to get 8 hours of sleep

Sleep guide - How to get 8 hours of sleep - Juniper

It's not easy to start one day from another to go to bed earlier. I am sorry to say that it is doomed to failure. It is the same phenomenon behind why all the gyms are packed in January and then in February it is haft empty again. So, have do you make this change successfully?


One of the keys to changing a habit is to change the routine slowly.

I have been working on succeeding for a long time, I am not at the finish line yet, but I have come a little bit along the way.

One of the keys to changing a habit is making it as easy as possible for yourself, slowly transforming it, and then making it more challenging.

Thursday/Sunday principle

My husband and I started by deciding that Thursday night and Sunday night would be nights we tried to get really good sleep. Cause then you are rested when the week begins, and you when the weekend begins.

After a few months, when the Thursday/Sunday principle feels like the new normal, you add an extra day.

I can also warmly recommend setting goals for the year if you have a sleep tracker. For example, You will succeed in clocking 150 days with more than 7 hours of sleep, which goals you can set that is a reasonably positive development from where you are today are, of course, individual.

Other things that are important for good sleep hygiene

-Good bedding (potentially switch to separate duvets if you sleep with a double duvet)
- The right mattress
- Dark in the room
- Cold in the room
- Make the bed and the bedroom cozy, so you look forward to bed at night.

If you have any questions, I am happy to talk!



Mathilda founder of Juniper