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Welcome to Juniper – where sustainability meets luxury. Elevate your establishment, whether you're a hotel, restaurant, or interior designer, with our carefully curated collection of high-quality bed linens, bathrobes, towels, and fragrance collection designed to enhance your guests' experience.

Our approach to partnerships is as unique as your business. We work closely with you to tailor our offerings, ensuring they seamlessly align with you.

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Partner up With Juniper



In 2018, founder Mathilda Wibom Westerberg spent her honeymoon at Gran Hotel Son Net near the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca. The stay at the secluded luxury boutique hotel was one of the best experiences she had ever had. The service was friendly; the food was spectacular; the garden was full of the most well-kept Juniper trees imaginable, and the whole family slept like babies. Recovering from the stress of arranging a wedding and adding a new family member in the span of six months.

There were undoubtedly extenuating circumstances, but the whole family agreed that the bedsheets were the most comfortable they had ever slept in.

And that experience at the hotel became the seed to Juniper which was launched in March 2019.

Today Juniper’s story has come full circle and Juniper delivers luxury quality bed linens to both consumers and the hospitality industry.


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