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At Juniper, we understand that choosing the right bedding size can make all the difference in creating a comfortable and stylish bedroom. Whether you're looking to upgrade your bedding or simply want to ensure a perfect fit for your mattress, our comprehensive size guide is here to assist you every step of the way.

Swedish bedding sizes

1. Pillowcase sizes

To ensure you choose the correct pillowcase size, check the pillow label for its size specifications and select a pillowcase that matches these dimensions precisely. For instance, if your pillow measures 60x50 cm, opt for a pillowcase of the same size, ensuring a snug and tailored fit.

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40x30 cm

60x50 cm

70x50 cm

90x50 cm

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2. Duvet cover sizes

Before choosing your duvet cover size, consider whether you sleep with two single duvets or one large duvet. Regardless of your choice, check the label on your duvet for its size specifications, and select a duvet cover that matches these dimensions precisely. For instance, if you have a single duvet measuring 150x210 cm, opt for a duvet cover of the same size, ensuring a perfect fit for your bedding.

Our size collection

Single duvet Covers

150x200 cm (Ikeas size)

150x210 cm (Standard)

155x220 cm (Hästens size)

Large Duvet Cover

220x220 cm (Ikeas size)

230x220 cm (Standard)

240x220 cm

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3. Sheet types

Fitted Sheet: Fitted sheets are designed with elastic edges that securely wrap around the corners of the mattress, creating a snug and wrinkle-free fit. They provide a practical solution for keeping the sheet in place throughout the night, ensuring a smooth surface for sleeping.

Flat Sheet: Flat sheets are rectangular pieces of fabric that lie on top of the mattress, beneath the duvet or blanket. They add an extra layer of comfort and warmth, and can also be used as a lightweight covering during warmer nights.

Envelope Sheet: Envelope sheets, feature a sewn-in flap on one side that tucks under the mattress. This innovative design provides a sleek and modern aesthetic to your bedding ensemble. Envelope sheets are easy to use and maintain, offering a minimalist approach to bedding while ensuring a tidy and polished appearance.

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4. Sheet sizes

Size of your flat sheet

170x270 cm - Single bed up till 120 cm width

260x260 cm - Double bed up till 200 cm width

300x270 cm - Double bed over 200 cm width

Size of your fitted sheet

For mattresses with toppers ranging from 5 to 25 cm in height. A fitted sheet should match the dimensions of the mattress itself. For example, if your mattress measures 180×200 cm, opt for a fitted sheet of the same size, ensuring a perfect fit. At Juniper, we offer a wide range of sizes to accommodate your specific mattress dimensions.

Size of your envelope sheet

For mattresses with toppers around 8 cm in height, an envelope sheet should match the dimensions of the mattress itself. For instance, if your mattress topper measures 180×200 cm, opt for an envelope sheet of the same size. At Juniper, we provide envelope sheet in 180x200 cm only. More sizes will be added shortly.

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Still uncertain? Find the answers here

What are the standard measurements for a single and large duvet?

The standard size for single duvets is 150x210 cm, and for larger duvets, it's 230x200 cm.

What should I choose, fitted sheets or flat sheets?

There's no right or wrong, it's more a matter of preference! Personally, I prefer classic flat sheets. It feels luxurious when making the bed, and they are easy to wash, hang out, and fold neatly in the cupboard. However, the best thing about fitted sheets is that they make bed-making quick and effortless, and you know the sheet will stay in place.

How large should a sheet for a double bed be?

It depends on the type of sheet you prefer for your double bed. If you want a flat/classic fitted sheet and have a double bed between 160-200 in width, then you choose the size 260x270 cm. If you have a wider bed than 200 cm, you choose our size 300x270 cm.

If you prefer fitted sheets or envelope-style fitted sheets, you choose the same size as your bed. That is, if you have a 180 bed, you choose 180x200 for the fitted sheet

What size duvet should one have for a 140 bed?

The duvet should be at least as wide as the bed. If you have a single bed or a bed that is 140-160 cm wide, we recommend choosing 200x220 instead of a king-size double duvet, but if your bed is 180 cm wide or wider, you may consider the king-size double duvet.

How long is a 160 bed?

A continental bed 160 is a high bed with several layers that is 160 cm wide. In standard length, the bed is 200 cm long and is then also called a continental bed 160x200. A continental bed 160 is considered a double bed and has two sleeping places that can have different comfort levels.

What type of duvet should one have for a 180 bed?

If you have a 180 bed, you should have a duvet that is at least 220 in width. My recommendation is to choose the standard size 230x220 cm. But if you shop your duvet at, at IKEA, you choose 220x240 cm. Some brands also sell duvets in 220x220 cm, which also fits a 180 bed. Juniper has all three matching sizes of duvet covers.

European bedding sizes

Coming soon.

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