Panorama Glass Lodge

Panorama Glass Lodge - Juniper


Sleeping in Juniper under the stars in the most popular glass cabins in Iceland. Scandinavian glass cabin igloo with that little extra bit of luxury. Wonderful scenery and panorama views out of your super comfortable beds. And with a bit of luck watching the northern lights!


Panorama Glass Lodge is owned by a young family in Selfoss, south Iceland who had the idea in 2015 to create an absolutely unique and romantic getaway in Iceland where it is possible to watch the northern lights and the midnight sun right out of the comfort of your bed or private hot tub.

The houses were the first in Iceland (2017) where it is possible to sleep under a glass ceiling. Panorama Glass Lodge is still the most famous and most popular Glass Accommodation you can book in Iceland, with absolutely the best views!

The most important point for the guests is to have an amazing, comfortable and unforgettable experience with enough privacy in the spectacular Icelandic scenery.  Even though the cabins are out in the nature, the guests can still enjoy luxury, high quality standards and extraordinary design. The shape of the Lodges is inspired by Scandinavian houses and the combination of wooden elements with steel and glass makes the Lodges unique.

The interior is completely custom made and sustainable whereby high value was placed on the details. The hotel respect nature and only uses materials that do not harm the beautiful surroundings. The water is the purest in the world, coming directly from a nearby spring. Also, the hotel use sustainable electricity to heat up the pools.