Nansen Explorer

Nansen Explorer


Originally designed as an Arctic research vessel, MV Nansen Explorer is now an industry first, bridging the gap between super yacht and expedition ship. Taking you to the most beautiful remote places on Earth!


Designed to carry 60 passengers, MV Nansen Explorer now carries only 12 guests in 7 staterooms. With an Ice-1A classed, 72-meter long hull and an ice-experienced Captain and bridge team, she can sail further, and penetrate deeper into ice, than other yachts. An expansive heli-deck, complete with onboard refueling capabilities, allows exploration inland or heli-skiing the slopes of Greenland. Kayaks, SUPs, and two Mk V Zodiacs offer ample opportunities to explore on a more intimate scale.

Nansen Explorer is owned and operated by Nansen Polar Expeditions for private charter. However, thanks to the exclusive management partnership with EYOS, who pioneered ‘single cabin’ departures aboard superyachts, Nansen Explorer can also offer individuals the intimate experience yacht owners enjoy— being alone in one of the most beautiful remote places on Earth.

Step inside and discover modern, spacious cabins, most with generous floor to ceiling windows. And of course Juniper bedding The ship’s lounge is comfortable and inviting, creating a friendly atmosphere for excited conversation at the end of a full day. Superb chefs offer mouthwatering and memorable meals that surprise and delight. Down below, a large gym is available. At the very top of the ship, the Bridge is always open if you want to chat with one of the Officers.