TheHôtel Bathrobe
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The Hôtel Bathrobe

The Hôtel Bathrobe

One hôtel bathrobe handcrafted to perfection. Read more
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Fabulous bathrobes that has that luxury hotel feel at home!

Congratulations on creating fabulous bathrobes that have that luxury hotel feel at home! Lovely quality with nice details... My only problem is I don't want to take it off! Well Done!

Jojo R. 41, Trelleborg

With the Hôtel Bathrobe, every morning will feel like you are visiting a luxurious boutique hotel. Enjoy!

  • The black-tie-inspired wide collar gives the bathrobe a sense of decadent luxury
  • Folded-up cuffs with a percale cotton fabric give the robe a refined look
  • 100% extra-long-staple Supima cotton from California, USA
  • OEKO-TEX 100 certified 
  • 700 gsm lightly twisted terry cloth
  • Light grey lining on pockets and collar
  • The Robe Factory is located in Portugal
  • 100% biodegradable packaging made in Portugal
  • Free shipping, free returns, and free exchanges
  • Don’t love the bathrobe? We’ll take it back within 30 days and issue a full refund



Unlike almost all other bathrobes products in the world we use 100% Supima Cotton, the finest cotton in the world, in our bathrobes which make them incredibly soft and is something you will enjoy every day.

At 700 g/sqm these bathrobes are quite heavy which gives you a feeling of being at a luxury spa while they absorb every drop of water easily.

You can feel assured that 92% of our 1000+ reviews are 5 out of 5 stars. However, if you for any reason wouldn't be happy with your purchase within the first 30 days. We will take back the products and issue a full refund.


Let’s face it. Sustainability is complex. It is not just about one thing, it is about a whole host of things. We are doing some thing great, but like for most companies, there is still a lot to improve. To fully appreciate the scope of this work this page is not enough, but we have gathered some useful resources and data points below:

  • We have set up 17 principles for responsible production including for example keeping the production 100% vegan, always producing all our products within the EU, and buying raw materials from known origins… Read more
  • From the beginning we have always applied a principle of full
    traceability where you have the possibility to understand where we gather our raw materials, where in the world they are processed, where we produce them, and finally where they are shipped from… Read more
  • In 2022, Juniper won Plaza Interior’s Honorary Award for
    Sustainability in home textiles.
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Not all cottons are created equal. In fact, Supima cotton is not even the same species as regular cotton. Supima is an extra-long-staple (ELS) cotton and only accounts for 1% of world cotton production.

It is grown in about 500 family-owned farms. Their land is their legacy, and great care is taken to preserve the health of the soil and conserve the water that nourishes it.

All farms use state-of-the-art technology and follow a zero-waste model, utilizing every single part of the cotton plant at harvest.

Through a collaboration with Oritain, Supima is forensically able to authenticate its cotton across the entire supply chain from the fiber and yarn to the fabric and finished product. This means we are randomly asked to send in samples every now and then for them to test to ensure the cotton's authenticity.

Supima cotton is not cheap, but it is the cotton you want your sheets to be made of.



In 2018, founder Mathilda Wibom Westerberg and her family spent a few days at Gran Hotel Son Net near the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca.

The stay at the secluded luxury boutique hotel was one of the best experiences the family had ever had. The service was friendly; the food was spectacular; the garden was full of the most well-kept Juniper trees imaginable, and the whole family slept like babies.

Shortly after checking out from the boutique hotel, Mathilda started working on Juniper. With the ambition and dream to bring the same joy, she had felt at that hotel into people’s everyday lives. By designing great home essentials and providing an exceptional customer experience, just like at a boutique hotel.


Soon, your morning routine will transform into an extraordinary moment of bliss.

Within 24 hours on working days products are packed and sent from our warehouse outside of Stockholm,Sweden 1

Within 24 hours on working days products are packed and sent from our warehouse outside of Stockholm,Sweden

You receive your robe within 3 business days. 2

You receive your robe within 3 business days.

Savour your weekend breakfast even more as you indulge in the luxurious comfort of this supremely soft bathrobe. 3

Savour your weekend breakfast even more as you indulge in the luxurious comfort of this supremely soft bathrobe.


All products are made from 100% Supima cotton and produced in Portugal.

Snow White


Experience the sheer bliss of wrapping yourself in the unparalleled softness and elegance of this robe, elevating your lounging moments to a whole new level of relaxation.

Our bathrobes come in two sizes (Smaller and Larger) and are generously sized for a loose and comfortable fit.

Smaller is made for people below 175 centimeters (The length of the bathrobe is 117 cm). Larger is made for people above 175 centimeters (The length of the bathrobe is 120 cm).


Still uncertain? Find the answers here.

The devil is in the details as is often proclaimed. And with this robe, every little detail has been looked at, discussed, reinvented, and prototyped to eventually arrive at the perfect solution.

The black tie-inspired wide collar makes it look considerably more dressed up than a “regular” bathrobe, and so do the cuffs made in a percale cotton weave otherwise used to make shirts.

The belt has been hand sewn by our team in Portugal because we didn’t want any seems. The factory literally thought we were insane when we made that decision but we felt that it was necessary to create that little extra spice, and strangely, we promise that it is something you will think about every time you hold the belt. It is that different.

Not all kinds of cotton are equal. Supima and regular cotton are, in fact, two different and distinct species of cotton. The most common type of cotton grown worldwide typically has a fiber length of only about 1 inch, whereas Supima cotton’s fiber averages 1.5 inches. Shorter fibers produce yarns that are rougher and subject to pilling on the surface of the product, while longer fibers contribute to strength and softness.

Supima cotton is grown at 500 primarily family-owned farms mainly located in California. It represents less than 1% of cotton grown worldwide and is the most expensive widely commercially available cotton in the world due to its high-quality standards and commitment to sustainable farming.