Welcome Home - How to get your home ready for September

Welcome Home - How to get your home ready for September

With summer coming to an end, it's time to roll up your sleeves and transform your flexible days into more normal ones. Whether you have longed for more routines or are already planning your next summer vacation, Juniper would like to give some tips on preparing your home for autumn.

September and October are two colorful months filled with joy and laughter, which makes it more than just a season with early sundowns. Instead of decorating your bedroom with dark colors, take inspiration from nature, and use fun colors like Sage Green, North Sea Blue, or Gemstone Pink as bedding to lighten the bedroom. Being welcomed by a touch of colors in the mornings can transform your day and motivate you to enjoy the usual cold walk in the autumn wind.

What is the autumn season without a cozy candle? With Juniper's Mont Fort Candle, the whole atmosphere changes in the room. Not only will it automatically make you relaxed, it will also remind you to take care of yourself. Fill a bathtub and take a bath while reading a book, listening to music, or enjoying a glass of wine.

Quality time with yourself is the recipe for strength and success, and our Mont Fort candle pushes you in the right direction.

To end this welcome home post, I want to put Juniper's bathrobes in the spotlight. Whether you are waking up and getting ready for work or going to bed after a nice bath, our bathrobes will add that feeling of calmness. With its soft texture and beautiful colors, the bathrobe will, just like the beddings, light up your day by including nature's stunning colors as a home decoration.

With those tips, Juniper would like to welcome everyone home after a long summer. We hope you follow us in the upcoming months by incorporating some of these tips and challenge yourself by including some colors in your home. Until next time, enjoy the last days of summer and soak in that Vitamin D!

All the best,

The Juniper Team
Mathilda & Louise