A Peek Behind the Lens of our Juniper Photoshoot in Mallorca

A Peek Behind the Lens of our Juniper Photoshoot in Mallorca - Juniper

March 10th, 2024

My family and I have been soaking up the beauty of Mallorca for a few weeks now. It's a place that always fills me with inspiration and provides guidance for my work with Juniper. To make it all work smoothly on the family front, we've arranged for Pomeline and Juni to attend daycare here, a place they're familiar with and adore. Now, onto the reason for this blog post. I'm excited to share some behind-the-scenes moments from our recent photoshoot.

This time, we had the incredible opportunity to shoot at Mon Cor, a stunning townhouse nestled in the coastal city of Soller. Mon Cor, owned by Berrow Projects, is a masterpiece of architectural design and restoration. This family-led team has a knack for transforming local properties into luxurious homes while preserving their rich history and character.

Mon Cor: A Historic Gem for Juniper's Shoot

Our shoot took place at Mon Cor, a meticulously restored historic home dating back to 1903. Originally built as a second home by a French merchant smitten with a local woman, the house boasts original features such as floors, doors, and windows, as well as a preserved well and grand entrance hall. Shooting amidst such enchanting surroundings, in the very place where Juniper came to life, was nothing short of magical. As we showcase our latest offerings – a range of luxurious bath towels and Tencel bedding – we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty and heritage of Mallorca.

Juniper at Berrow Projects

Capturing Juniper's Essence: Collaborating with Mallorca's Best

I've been eager to collaborate with Pernilla, the talented photographer behind Lifestyle_Mallorca on Instagram. If you're seeking inspiration for Mallorcan architecture, her account, along with Berrowprojects, is a must-follow.

Of course, our little Alessandra was by our side throughout the day, seeming to approve and appreciate the rooms and the atmosphere as much as we did.

"In the heart of Mallorca's historic charm, amidst the whispers of centuries-old stories, our lens captured not just Juniper's essence, but the timeless beauty of Mon Cor—a testament to heritage, creativity, and the magic of collaboration"


Guess the Next Juniper Creation: A Mystery Unfolds!

And here's a little secret – we're also shooting a new product. Can you guess what it might be? For those who guess correctly, shoot us an email to, and I'll have a surprise in store for you. Perhaps some of the behind-the-scenes glimpses will offer a clue....
Juniper at Berrow Projects

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