Our Finca Bathrobe Lemon Yellow is here - Check it out!

Our Finca Bathrobe Lemon Yellow is here - Check it out! - Juniper

Introducing our highly anticipated addition to the Finca Bathrobe collection: the Striped Lemon Yellow!

Infused with memories from a Italian Finca last summer, our Lemon Yellow Finca Bathrobe captures the essence of lemon trees in a vibrant hue. Inspired by indulgent desserts and the creamy color of freshly picked lemons, this robe brings a touch of personal nostalgia. 

The design is as our previous colors and the wide collar exudes an air of decadence, enveloping you in a world of relaxation. Admire the refined look of folded-up cuffs, adorned with percale cotton fabric, adding an elegant touch to your loungewear ensemble. The meticulously crafted pattern, created with a yarn-dye technique using two different colored threads, evokes a sense of sophistication and style. 

Wrap yourself in the Lemon Yellow Finca Bathrobe and relish the warmth and joy reminiscent of those unforgettable moments in the garden.

You can read more about the new Finca Bathrobe Striped Lemon Yellow here!

I hope you love it as much as I do!