The Finca Bathrobe

2400 kr

A thinly striped bathrobe handcrafted to perfection.

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Overview -+

With The Finca Bathrobe, every morning will feel like you are living in a luxurious Finca-style boutique hotel around the Mediterranean. Enjoy!


  • The wide collar gives the bathrobe a sense of decadent luxury
  • Folded-up cuffs with a percale cotton fabric gives the robe a refined look
  • The pattern is made with a yarn-dye (two different colored threads)
  • 100% extra-long-staple Supima cotton from California, USA
  • 700 gsm lightly twisted terry cloth
  • Corral lining on pockets and collar
  • The Robe Factory is located in Portugal
  • 100% biodegradable packaging made in Portugal
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Sizing -+

Our bathrobes come in two sizes (Smaller and Larger) and are generously sized for a loose and comfortable fit.

  • Smaller is made for people below 175 centimeters (The length of the bathrobe is 117 cm)
  • Larger is made for people above 175 centimeters (The length of the bathrobe is 120 cm)

Care -+

The bathrobes are super absorbent and quick to dry. Even so, if you use the bathrobe for getting dry, washing it regularly is important to have it stay fresh over the long term.


  • Wash separately from other laundry and ensure there is sufficient room in the machine
  • Wash at 40-60° Celsius at centrifuge ~1000 rpm
  • We highly recommend tumble drying until close to dry
  • Hang to dry while still a little bit wet to straighten out any wrinkles

Understanding and appreciating the true cost of our bathrobes is fundamental in learning to prioritize quality over quantity and ultimately reducing the number of things we buy. The more we know, the better decisions we make.

Juniper assesses how far we have progressed with our footprint reduction work for each product relative to our 17 principles of responsible production, these are aggregated into three scores ranging 0 to 100.


Animal welfare and Biodiversity


Factories, supply chain, and packaging


Durability, Climate, and Reusing & Recycling

Raw materials


Lifecycle management

Raw materials

Animal welfare


Our bedding is strictly vegan. No raw materials from the animal kingdom are used and no animals take part in the value chain.



Our bedding is made with what is quite likely the most sustainable super high-quality cotton there is. It is certified by Supima throughout the value chain and we know exactly which farms produce the cotton we buy.

However, cotton is still a crop that requires large amounts of water. E.g. one large sheet requires about the same amount as 0.5 kg of beef produced.




Our bedding is produced outside Porto in Portugal in a family-owned factory that started operations right after the second world war.

Before arriving at our factory in Portugal the cotton is processed in Pakistan. The factory in Pakistan essentially has every certification a factory in a low-cost country can have but we still think there is improvement potential here.

Supply chain


You can feel confident that during no part of the supply chain have we used air freight. This product comes from the ground and stays close to the ground throughout its lifecycle.

The logistical distance this product travels is significant and while not being a large portion of carbon emission we still feel this should be improved.

Our tier-1 factory is much more vertically integrated than most factories which makes it possible to turn the raw cotton into bedding with just two factories. We are happy and don’t believe there is any room for improvement.

Lifecycle management



Our bedding is reinforced to suit the hotel industry and consequently should last for a very long time. We have opted for a thin weave but not so thin that it will easily break. Consequently, we think this product is complete from a durability perspective.

However, we still believe there is room for improvement in our communication and education around how to keep your bedding fresh for a longer time and we will work to improve this.


  • Juniper will strive to minimize carbon dioxide emissions as part of its supply chain
  • Juniper will make selected financial contributions to promote climate positive action

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