Our Sustainability Efforts

In honor of Earth Day, we want to raise environmental awareness and highlight our actions that make sustainability a core principle. We pride ourselves on aligning with exceptional guidelines and hope to inspire those who want to become climate neutral. 

We always consider our environmental impact and are constantly aiming to source responsibly regarding climate and industrial activities. To decrease greenhouse gas emissions, we have committed to advancing our climate action efforts by following Climate Neutral Certified guidelines. Climate Neutral is a nonprofit organization working to support brands worldwide to reduce their carbon footprint by following its three pillars: Measure, Offset and Reduce. We take our responsibility for the three pillars very seriously and work together to facilitate zero net emission progress. 

So together with Climate Neutral, we have:

Measured all of the greenhouse gas emissions from producing and delivering our products.

Created a plan and started to take action to reduce future emissions.

Offset all of our emissions by investing in carbon reduction and removal projects like clean energy and reforestation.

Furthermore, we also strive to provide complete transparency on the climate footprint of our products. You will find a QR code on all of our products that takes you to our transparency page, ensuring that you know how your product is produced. 

When we reduce our carbon footprint, we also seek to inspire other companies to maintain the same standard. We want to have a good impact on other businesses and make them consider incorporating sustainability initiatives. We believe that all companies should take responsibility for reaching carbon neutrality and provide their customers with credible environmental data on their carbon footprint.