How to make Your Bedroom feel like a luxurious Boutique-hotel

Part of the joy of staying in a luxurious boutique hotel is the bed, the fluffy pillows, and the soft linens. What most of us are doing first when walking into a hotel room is to lay down on the bed and just breath out. Then there are the amenities that make you feel calm and satisfied, everything from the delicious-smelling room spray to the clean and organized nightstands next to the bed. However, the most incredible thing is that you could get this feeling in your home with just a few quick fixes. Are you ready!?

A lot of pillows

Have at least two long and two standard pillows in your double bed. It creates a cozy and warm feeling but also brings your mind to a better hotel experience. And I promise you that when it is time to go to bed at night, you will look forward to snuggling in.

Two single duvet covers instead of one large duvet cover

I know this might surprise some of you, especially those who sleep with one large duvet cover today. A few years ago, my husband convinced me to switch to two single duvets, and it has had such a positive impact on my sleep experience. There is never a fight about the duvet, and it is easier to keep the right body temperature throughout the night cause of the airflow between the duvets. I am still working on convincing some of my very stubborn friends!

Room spray 

Try to find a scent that brings you back lovely vacation memories cause then every time you enter your bedroom at night. Those memories will remind your body and mind to get the same harmony and calmness before going to bed.

Don’t make a mess!

When you come home after a long day and walk into the bedroom, you want it to feel inviting. A few easy tricks to get that feeling are making your bed in the morning and trying only to have 2-3 things on your nightstand. Another one is to keep it clean in general. All the clothes or things that we easily throw on a chair next to the bed create a mess. It is even better to throw your stuff in the wardrobe or any other hidden space because a mess will only make it harder for you to get true peace of mind when going to bed.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Mathilda and Juni
Me and my daughter Juni on the streets of New York.

How to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Hotel Experience over the Weekend

Most of us are caught up living for the weekend and to countdown for the next vacation. In this way of living we forget about enjoying our daily lives and the great moments within it.
For me, the penny dropped during my honeymoon at Grand Hotel Son Net in Mallorca 2018. We had had a very stressful spring, and during this stay, we enjoyed the food, the showers, and each other. And i said to Jacob we should be able to slow our pace down when we come home and find ways to enjoy stepping out of the shower at home as much as we do here. Just there, the idea behind Juniper was born where my ambition is to help you bring that hotel calmness into your daily life.

Here are few tips on how you could get that hotel experience into your bathroom very.

Clean your bathroom drawer

In a hotel bathroom, you only find the necessary things. So clean your bathroom drawer and locker and don’t have too much of your stuff on the surface. Let all your items have their spot in the drawer. One tip could be to have a drawer organizer. Another way is to have one drawer with the most necessary things and store the rest in another drawer. Because believe me, as a girl and as a parent, I know we have things that we need but maybe not every day. So maybe check this one during the weekend?

Invest in your towels

No hotel bathroom would be complete without the thickest, fluffiest towels to wrap yourself in post-shower. Invest in a sumptuously soft matching set and if in doubt, go white.

Always have spare towels and roll them up

Always have fresh towels, so you change your set every third use or so. And to make it feel like a luxurious hotel, roll them up just as you get them at a lovely boutique hotel.

Stimulate your senses

No hotel bathroom would be complete without the thickest, fluffiest towels to wrap yourself in post-shower. Invest in a sumptuously soft matching set and if in doubt, go white.

Not that hard to fix right? And i promise you that if you get these few things done you will enjoy your daily bathroom routine much more. Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for the blog, I am happy to talk!

Best Mathilda