4 gift to buy to your better (female) half

Don’t know what to get your wife or girlfriend for Christmas? Our guide has you covered. 

In today’s stressful life, it could not be more important to focus on your health, hence our recommended gifts are all about wellbeing and sleep.

1. Anyhere Sleepwear – My favorite Sunday PJ

The founders behind the brand have created everyday sleepwear that is both stylish, comfy, and soft. This PJ is one of those that you will have cozy weekend breakfast in, and it might stay on until you need to change to run out the door and do whatever you planned to do.

Price: 990 – 1190 sek

Anyhere sleepwear Juniper gift guide


2. Oura ring – we tried it, we love it.

With daily feedback to improve your health, Oura helps you better understand your body and reach your goals. This is a product that we tried, and we love it. It provides interesting insights about your sleep, and how it is connected with everything you do. This ring will, for sure, help you take care of yourself in a positive way.

Price: 314 – 419 euro

Juniper christmas gift guide Oura ring


3. Byredo – Bibliotheque I cannot live without you.

Ben Gorham, the founder of Byredo, had no expertise in the field but teamed up with experienced people and let emotions lead his creation. When I light up my Bibloteque candle at my nightstand in the evening, a calm and lovely feeling that takes me back to great memories, you should buy your spouse this candle and create memories and emotions to it. 

Price: 340 – 620 sek

Juniper christmas gift guide



4. JUNIPER Bedlinen – Better sheets. Better Sleep.

Go to bed at night in the best sheets, that breaths properly are comfy and are soft against your skin, it is just something special. We have customers who bought the bed set to their loved ones and we have heard they love it. 

Customer quote: 

Price: 500 – 3350 sek

Customer review of The Bed set