Caring for your linens

Your linens are your modern-day samurai sword. Rarely shown in public, yet they are what separates you from the competition. Take care of your linens and they will take care of you. And as with all relationships, this is one that requires frequent tending, get into the habit of changing your sheets on Sundays, that's every Sunday, meaning you should wash your sheets every week.

Use quality detergent and softener

It’s tempting reaching for the private label detergents and softener when in the supermarket but there is a clear difference when using quality detergent. Go with the big brands and you'll be fine. For white linens we recommend using a powder based detergent made for white wash which will have some sodium in it that naturally keeps your linens white over time.

Set your machine to 40 degrees with 1200 RPM

Even though all our linens are prepared for being washed in 60 degrees, 40 degrees is enough with today’s highly efficient detergents and it is better from an environmental perspective as it uses much less energy. We recommend using a centrifuge at about 1200 RPM and make sure you don't stuff more than the recommended amount in the machine at the same time.

Use the dryer if you want your linens really soft

Try to ensure that you remove the linens from the washing machine right at the buzzer. That way you will eliminate the risk of any fungus developing or bad smells. If you want to have a softer feeling we recommend running the linens in the dryer until nearly dry and principally we always recommend using the dryer for towels.

Hang to dry to straighten out wrinkles

However, regardless if you choose use the dryer or not we recommend hanging your linens to dry for the last bit to ensure that wrinkles disappear. Once dry, fold them up neatly and store as they are or in a cotton bag. Whatever you do, do not store in plastic as this can trap moist and destroy your linens.

“Sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel but that would only mean more laundry next week”

Refresh your dingy sheets

So what do you do if your white sheets have gotten dingy over time? We recommend adding 10 cl of bicarbonate and a splash of lemon juice to your regular detergent and wash as normal. Depending on how bad it has gotten it can be worth repeating a couple of times in a row but one time is usually enough. When using bicarbonate there is no need for a softener.