Our promise

Any production of goods will inevitably impact our earth in one way, shape, or form. I am however proud to minimize Juniper’s impact through innovative practices and a relentless pursuit of incremental improvements towards better practices. Furthermore, we impose a carbon dioxide tax on ourselves where we buy carbon credits to compensate for any carbon emissions we make. From the cotton fields in California to our customers’ doorsteps all around the world. We have also promised you and ourselves that by the year-end of 2021, we will not order any more products from our factories that are wrapped in conventional oil-based plastics. I am happy to say that in June of 2021, we received our first order of products wrapped in a 100% biodegradable plastic substitute that leaves zero microplastics behind when it has degraded. So this means we have switched to 100% biodegradable packaging.

Whenever you buy a Juniper product, know that we keep the next generation of dreamers in mind while considering the well-being of every single person involved in the making of those goods.

To drive our sustainability efforts forward we build our efforts around two main pillars. First, we break down our products into their components and track every component to where it came from, ensuring we have full traceability of everything. Second, by staying certified climate neutral, now and forever.

Mathilda Wibom Westerberg
Founder of Juniper

Full traceability

Our products are carefully made, by highly skilled textile artisans, from natural resources like cotton and mother of pearl. In the creation of every product, the earth is making a sacrifice. That’s why we ensure that we have full visibility of where everything has come from and everyone that has touched your product before you use it. With full transparency we want to provide you and us with the full picture, ensuring that you know where your product is coming from, and ensuring that we can drive continuous improvements in our ways of working.

E.g. we only buy cotton from farms in California that are part of the Supima cooperative, and to be allowed to use Supima tags our entire value chain has been certified by the Supima organization. This process ensures we know exactly where your cotton is from and feel confident that we can provide the very best products in the world.

In each of our products, you will find a full transparency label or a QR-code that takes you to a full transparency page for that product.

“Full traceability should be the new
normal for all brands”

Climate neutral

Greenhouse gas emissions are changing our climate. We are ensuring that we are not contributing to this process.
So together with ‘Climate Neutral’ we have:

  • Measured all of the greenhouse gas emissions from producing and delivering our products
  • Created a plan and started to take action to reduce future emissions
  • Offset all of our emissions by investing in carbon reduction and removal projects like clean energy and reforestation

Juniper is proud to have been part of the first brands in the world to get certified Climate Neutral but we are hoping ALL brands will follow along. We can disagree on everything else but everyone has to get behind hindering climate change, is THE one most important challenge facing our society today.

“We need to lead by choosing to measure,
reduce, and offset our emissions”