Our sources of inspiration

At Juniper we believe in dreams, we think they are a means to reclaim our own time and only devote it to whatever brings us pleasure and meaning in life. We also think they help us identify on what, and with whom, we should spend our most precious resource, time.

However, we certainly don’t believe that we can merely sit around and wait for inspiration for our next dream to strike. We believe we have to go out and find it. And the truth is that moments where we lack inspiration permeates to almost all areas of our lives, be it daily problem-solving, relationships, how to take the next steps in our careers, or how to move forward with Juniper.

Creativity is deeply interrelated to one of the most important things we do, sleep. In addition to sleeping well, however, we believe in the importance of engaging with people. Muses if you will.

Below will get the opportunity to meet some of the people that have inspired us with our direction for Juniper.

Alice Herbst - On storytelling through art

At 27 years old, Alice Herbst has already established herself successfully in the world of art sharing her work and personal thoughts through her Instagram account where she has already amassed an impressive 130k devoted followers.

Annica Eklund – On how to turn dreams into reality

Annica Eklund, Creative Director of Bolon, talks, walks, lives, and dreams as if the horizon is right in front of her. As if it was something that can be pursued and reached, not 10 years from now, not 5 years from now, but tomorrow. Needless to say, she is not easily intimidated.

Helen & Mikael – The custodians of Villa La Madonna on living in Piedmont, Italy

Villa La Madonna, a Swedish owned boutique hotel in northern Italy, is the product of two families following their dreams. Annica and Marie Eklund bought Villa La Madonna 6 years ago with a vision to turn the old villa into a quiet, luxurious boutique hotel. And they asked Helen and Mikael to run it. This is their story.

Gustaf Westman – "The Designer to watch" according to Vogue shares his dream with Juniper

Gustaf Westman is the 26-year-old architecture gone furniture designer who popped up from out of nowhere. At the end of last year, he was suddenly in every conversation among interior design lovers across the country, his funky mirrors and wavy designs were a source of inspiration and admiration. And like that was not enough, he has been named ‘Designer to watch’ by every cool publication, including e.g., the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Gustaf has always been focused on calling attention to sustainability.

Helin & Thomas – About the pursuit of finding inspiration for their next dream

Helin Honung and Thomas Eon are certainly two charismatic individuals, but they are also a couple in real life. We met them at the Sparrow Hotel, nestled in the heart of Stockholm, to get to know them better. In this interview, we hear about their dreams, their hopes, and their sources of inspiration. About what they devote their time to, and what they focus their attention on. What they do to realize themselves and their dreams. Welcome to a world of dreams.