The story behind Juniper

Juniper is a Swedish design company of premium home essentials inspired by the unparalleled experiences one gets at secluded luxury boutique hotels. In bringing the products to life, Juniper never (ever) compromise on quality. On the contrary, we use the finest raw materials available, embody craftsmanship, and pay meticulous attention to detail. All the while, ensuring that sustainability is at the heart of everything done. Juniper pushes the boundary for value chain transparency, is rigorous in choosing its production partners; and only uses raw materials that can be traced back to the source. Yet, any production of goods will inevitably impact earth negatively in one way, shape, or form. Therefore Juniper compensates for any carbon dioxide emissions during the entire production cycle and all the way to the customers’ doorstep

“Juniper extracts the best parts of a small secluded
luxury hotel and brings it to your home”

In 2018, founder Mathilda Wibom Westerberg spent her honeymoon at Hotel Son Net near the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca. The stay at the secluded luxury boutique hotel was one of the best experiences she had ever had. The service was friendly; the food was spectacular; the garden was full of the most well-kept Juniper trees imaginable, and the whole family slept like babies. Recovering from the stress of arranging a wedding and adding a new family member in the span of six months.

There were undoubtedly extenuating circumstances, but the whole family agreed that the bedsheets were the most comfortable they had ever slept in.

Upon checking out from the hotel, the family went to Palma city to invest in high-end sheets for their home in Stockholm. It turned out that a set would cost a small fortune, so they ended up saving their money and traveling home empty-handed.

However, the idea of those bedsheets didn’t go away. Mathilda discovered that amidst a rapidly changing world, the bedding industry had remained static for more than a century. Product descriptions were complex, innovation stale, and the transition to online slow. Add inefficient distribution models, and you end up with premium products that were, quite frankly, highly overpriced. Soon after that, Juniper was born. With Juniper, Mathilda had an ambition and dream to create timeless home essentials without compromising in any respect and offer them for a price that reflected the craftsmanship and materials used. After almost a year of searching for the world’s best fabrics; taking design inspiration from both boutique hotels and traditional luxury brands, and countless prototypes – she was ready to launch.

“The spaces we inhabit play an integral role in
our life so we better make them count”

Today, Juniper tells a story about dreams. There is a strong belief in the company that dreams direct us to only devote time to what brings us joy and meaning in life. This isn’t necessarily about luxury or laziness; rather, it is about living by the ethos that life is not about the number of breaths you take but about the moments that take your breath away. These moments can occur when lying down in bed at night, thinking back on a long hard day of work directed towards a distant future dream.

Or at the breakfast table on a Saturday morning, when looking up over the newspaper, and realizing the person of your dreams is right there in front of you.

Regardless, the spaces we inhabit play an integral role in our lives. A thoughtfully designed home provides a place to be creative, to rest, and to foster relationships. Although not always visible to others, little in our lives will affect our well-being more than our home and the people that are in it.

“People with dreams can move
the world forward”